Dinner On Jetstar

Yeah you better believe it, I’m gonna blog on airplane food… maybe because I paid for it… haha… Was on my way back to Singapore from HK and was famished and tired from a whole day of running around… very long story on how long I was standing and travelled. PM me and I will tell you slowly… haha…

So as usual I always pay more for the seats with more leg room cos being so big size, no choice lah. Though the seats are good, there are 2 very irritating problems sitting on these seats.

  1. The middle part of the plane is always the hottest… dunno why… the coldest parts are always in the front… like the first 8 rows.
  2. I always get to order my food last… reason is, they start from the front and the back. A few occasions they ran out of the hot food then I will end up having cookies and nuts with coke for dinner or lunch. They should serve those who pay more first!!!

So same thing lah, this trip, the trolley of food I have to wait patiently…

The wait can be like 15-20mins... Cos some idiots just can't make up their minds...
So I had loads of time to plan what to eat... To be honest, nothing is really fantastic... they should get me to review on the food first before putting up here. I heard from my neighbours from the same flight the chicken rice sucks, fried rice is worse... no chilli to go along... I guess it's because of the smell... then they shouldn't put it in the menu in the first place!
There you go... the only thing that is worth eating for $8.00. Chicken Focacia!
Think I just love bread on the whole... anything that is bread... I like... hehe...
But this one is really good... they will toast the bread and the chicken is juicy and perfect with the cheese and tomato slices. Yums!

Rating: 4/5. Cos wait too long…

Taste: Yummy for what I ordered!

Portion: Pretty reasonable I guess for $8.00…

Price: $8.00 for sandwich, $3.00 for coke, $3.00 for nuts and $3.00 for pringles chips.

RTE: Yes as long as I’m flying Jetstar.

Location: Errr…. Terminal 1?

2 thoughts on “Dinner On Jetstar

    1. Yeah indeed… due to the poor lighting, I cannot take sharper pics… Maybe the new Canon cams can help… Any sponsors? Haha…

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