Foodtrail In Chiangrai Day 2 – Chiangrai, Thailand

Began day 2 in Chiangrai pretty early by catching the sunrise at the rooftop of the hotel. Buildings in Chiangrai are not tall, maybe because of regulations on building heights. Anyways it was a pretty long day so be prepared to scroll down like mad. More of what I see, food wise was limited ‘cos…

Ristr8To Coffee – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ristr8To Coffee (adapted from the name ‘Ristretto’ which means a shorter espresso) is one of the most talked about cafe in Chiang Mai and probably Thailand. As a matter of fact, people in the coffee industry probably know this place as well. Reason because of the owner and head barista, Arnon is to date the…

Pai Lanna Resort & Restaurant – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand

Our last dinner in Pai was on top of a little hill, over looking some padi fields and the sunset. Was fortunate to be able to catch the sunset and after that sat down for an authentic northern Thai food. This restaurant is at the entrance to the Pai Lanna Resort and is very popular…

Kruarabeang Pai Thai Food – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand

One of the restaurants we went for our dinner in Pai. I believe in the day the place has a terrific view of the mountains and padi fields. During the night, it lacks the attractiveness. Since we were clueless of where to eat in Pai, we gave this place a try. Rating: 3/5. Taste:  3/5….

Street Food @ Petchburi Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand

Well I know there are a lot of street food in Bangkok but since I was staying near this street, I might as well write about the good and cheap food I had for the past few days I was there. I heard this street can be quite happening for good supper during the weekends….

Black Canyon Coffee @ Bangkok

This is gonna be something new in my blog… No, not about writing for popular restaurants or cafe, but more about condemning them. I mean, come on, you’ve come so far, grown so big, franchised your business, cross nations, etc… at least provide your customers with the standards you portray or even close to it….


I do apologize for the absence as I was doing my stint in Shanghai. Just got back to Singapore and will be flying to Taipei for a short trip to feature lots of street food! Then after that will be heading on to my new stint in Suzhou, China, where there are a lot of…